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Solar Panels - Mono Perc Crystalline and Poly Crystalline Panels


Solar Panels -  Mono Perc Crystalline and Poly Crystalline Panels



Solar panels and solar power are catching up as a cheap, eco-friendly, and reliable mode of energy. The Companies are offering various brands of solar panels for your home. Solar power has gone from being an environmental luxury to a possible energy provider and money saver and therefore the Luminous solar panels appear to be the right example as it is easy, cheap, and efficient power via the sun. As the experience of 32 years in engineering and manufacturing Luminous may be a well-known brand when it involves inverters, inverter batteries, and solar panels, etc.

Luminous manufactures solar panels of various sizes and different capacities in polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Here we'll discuss every feature of the Luminous solar array to conclude if it's an honest choice for your rooftop solar need or not.


▪ All solar array comes with 25 years of performance warranty and  5 years and 12 years of product warranty for panels below 300W and above 300W respectively

▪ Luminous panels offer resistance against wind, Rain, snow, monkeys, etc

▪ Luminous solar panels are waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion resistive

▪ They perform excellently under low light conditions which is one of the best parts of these panels.

▪ Best in class efficiency compared to other PV modules

▪ Good and high-quality aluminum frame structure with the AAA back sheet.

▪ Available in several capacities starting from 40 Watt to 370 Watt


Warranty Period:

 The luminous solar array comes with two sorts of warranty – Performance warranty and manufacturer warranty. Performance warranty protects against the efficiency/output of the panel during the warranty period while the manufacturer warranty protects against defects and functionality of the solar panels during the amount. The luminous solar panel comes with 25 years performance warranty and 5 years and 12 years manufacturer warranty for panels below 300W and above 300W respectively.



 Efficiency is most vital while selecting the solar array. The efficiency of the solar panel is calculated on the idea of input power per square meter and output power per square meter. Luminous polycrystalline panels deliver efficiency of up to 16% while Luminous monocrystalline panels deliver efficiency of up to 19%. When taken into account pretty good as compared to other solar product brands.



 The solar array comes with a strong aluminum frame structure. Panels can withstand wind pressure, snow load, and heavy rains. Moreover, panels are corrosion resistive, waterproof, and can work under low light conditions. Panels also come with anti-reflective coating which helps in the absorption of more light.



Luminous solar panels come in several capacities 40 Watt, 60 Watt, 80 Watt, 105 Watt, 165 Watt with the rated voltage of 12 Volt. Other capacities are 330 Watt and 370 Watt with the rated voltage of 24 V. By adding multiple numbers of panels serial or parallel customers can reach the demand.


Superior EVA encapsulation-:

Superior EVA encapsulation means that there is a glass which is there on these panels which makes the surface of the solar panels very strong.


Grade A solar cells:

 Luminous panels have A grade solar cells which means that they trap the sun energy inside the panel and do not allow it to reflect back. Because of it these panels have the ability to generate 5% extra power.


Junction Box:

In the junction box, there are Diode and this junction box remains sealed with the help of a sealant. The junction box is waterproof and dustproof and also corrosion proof which means there will be no rust in the junction box.


Premium MC4 connectors:

 We get one-meter wire with fixed connectors at the end which means that with the help of  the connectors we can extend the wire easily


Technical Details on Sticker behind panel:

We get a technical sticker behind the panel which tells about the open-circuit voltage, short circuit details and watt ratings with the help of which we can get the suitable panel according to our requirement.


Test Report behind panel: With these panels, we get a test report. This test report has a graph that tells us about the performance of the panel.


Monocrystalline/Polycrystalline: There are two sorts of solar panels.

 One is named monocrystalline. This sort of solar panel is formed of silicon crystal. The second type is Polycrystalline solar panels which are made from smaller individual cells that appear as if a tiled surface. Monocrystalline panels are preferred to use in high-temperature environments while Polycrystalline panels are preferred to use in low-temperature environments.

Luminous manufactures both sorts of panels so you don’t need to worry about the sort of panel while choosing this brand.


Monocrystalline Panel:




Poly Crystalline Panel:





Service/Support: Luminous have 290+ service centers altogether over India for sales and repair. Luminous provides a paperless warranty and customers can register their warranty online. Customers can reach the Luminous customer support team at their toll-free number, Whatsapp number, or on mail provided on their official website for support.


Installation: Luminous also provides installation service at the fees starting from ₹15 to ₹20 per watt. Suppose if you would like to put in the panel of 60 Watt capacity then approx. charges are going to be 60*15 = 900 Rupees.


Compliance: Luminous solar panels are compliant to IEC standards (International Electrotechnical Commission). Panels are manufactured considering all the security and quality guidelines given by IEC.




After considering all of the above factors we expect Luminous solar panels may be a good selection for your domestic or commercial solar needs.


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